January 1st, 2004

Ice Bear

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Well, that's it for 2003, and good riddance (By and large, it wasn't all bad, but did suck, all things considered)

Here's to 2004 being better...
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Ice Bear

My year according to...


Rather than writing out a detailed account of my year, I'll let these great demotivational posters do the talking for me (:

On work...
My struggles this year
My Dreams...
Giving advice to others in my capacity as an Agony Uncle
My luck this year
On Penguins :)
My personal life...
My relationships (Throughout the years, not just this year)
The changes I've tried to make
On what I expect of 2004

And finally, on the future in general...
Hmm, this was actually rather fun...
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    The 100 Greatest TV Treats of 2003
Ice Bear

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Good heavens.
I'm watching a program called Klaus, The Forklift Driver...

TV truly is crap at this time of night...
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