February 11th, 2004

Ice Bear

Todays fun

Has been sponsored by elfenkind, Her SO, MS Virtual PC and Soulmate MP3 player.

Last Sunday elfenkind lent me the aforementioned MP3 player. At first I thought it was out of the goodness of her heart, but I now realise that it was a heart as cold and black as the vast emptiness of the cosmos.
I was informed that it would only work with Windows 98, and here was a copy of MS Virtual PC although it probably wouldn't work with that, but would have to be used with a Win 98 installation on a real PC.

I now suspect that both of them knew that the geek in me wouldn't rest until I had somehow forced that MP3 player to work with Win 98 installed on a virtual PC.That was Sunday, and I'm still hammering away. I should have been in bed sleeping at least an hour ago, but dammit, I *will* make it work.

At least I have Panda Licorice and energy bars to keep me going...
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