April 13th, 2004

Ice Bear

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Whoa. Thank god for back-ups.
I just accidentally deleted the contents of a relatively important file and then saved it.

Fortunately my server makes a back-up file of all my personal documents, e-mails and so on every morning at 10 and then copies that file to two other hardrives for a bit of added security.
Mmm, I feel very smug and clever right now.
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Ice Bear

(no subject)

There's a guy sitting two desks away from me who's shouting so loudly into his phone that I'm surprised he needs to use one.
Sadly he's the client, so I can't go over and bitch-slap him.
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All five seasons of Babylon 5 are available. For Region 1.

This means it shouldn't be too long before before it's available over here. And when that happens, I will buy it and then I'm gonna take a couple of days of just to watch the entire series back-to-back.

God I'm so excited now :)
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