April 27th, 2004

Ice Bear

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Decisions decisions.
Since I have a new job, I'll be loosing the company phone I've been using since, well, forever nearly.
This means I now have to give some thought to what I need out of a phone.

Basically I would like it to look like a Nokia 6310i (Silver) or something along those lines.
Have bluetooth.
And be connectable to a pc via USB.
I quite like the 6650 except for that pathertic and irritating little antenna thing. Christ how could they do that? If they hadn't done that, it would have been a brilliant phone.

So tomorrow I'll go to Tottanham court Road and see if I'll be able to get a serial to USB adapter and see if I can get my company [hone connected that way.
And if I'm successfull, I'll just get another 6310i.
Who needs one of them fancy new phones anyway...

Oh well, at least there's only a bit over two weeks til nailbug comes down again for another much too brief visit.
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Ice Bear

Tooth update

And while I'm updating, I might as well update ya'll on my teeth situation.

In short: It's all good.
My gums have by and large healed. Slightly sore on occassion, but nothing special.
I'm still a bit careful about what I eat, but I think it's time to go to Garlic & Shots this Friday and have a Transylvanian Blood Steak. Yummie.
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This was an amusing little thing to come across.

Death Penalty?:Against. It's a waste. Use the people for medical experiments instead :>
Prostitution?:Should be legalised.
Alcohol?:Ok in moderation
Other drugs?:legalise
Gay marriage?:legalise
Illegal immigrants?:The illegal ones ought to be sent home within limits, but we should prevent the need for people to brea the law
Smoking?:It's peoples choice
Drunk driving?:Same as attempted murder. Hand them over to Huntingdon Life Sciences
Cloning?:On the fence a bit.
Premarital sex?:Pro-Choice
Religion?:Organised religion is bad, personal religion is fine
The war in Iraq?:On the fence. It's good that Saddam is gone, it's bad that we were lied to.
Bush?:Yes, I'm not to keen on shaven
Downloading music?:Yes, I can't afford cd's unless they're on sale.
The legal drinking age?:There shouldn't be one.
Porn?:It's peoples choice...
Suicide?:Usually only for the weak and selfish and by and large we're better off without them.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!

With thanks to penguin_worship :)
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Mmmm, chinee foo...

Today I was taken for dinner by my good friend Camilla and her other half, Preben, as thanks for repeatedly fixing her pc. It would appear that each time something was fixed, something else broke. Usually about an hour after I had fixed something else and had left to go home.
But now, finally all is good.
Instead of a 1.5gb hard drive, there's now an additional 6gb drive.
Instead of Windows 95, it has Win2K.
Everything is set-up correctly and running smoothly. And I'm full of chinese food.
And my teeth are all fine and I can eat properly.

And tomorrow it's back to work. It's been a nice week off thanks to my little operation.
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