May 29th, 2004

Ice Bear

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I have been placed with our most demanding and challenging client and had my first day today. So far it seems alright.
I have never seen so much marble in one building before and it really is a gorgeous place.
It's got all sorts of amenities (Gym, restaurant, shop, jewellery shop, health spa thingie, beauty salon and a coffee bar).
Unfortunately they are rather strict so I will not be able to access my private e-mail during work hours. If anyone needs me, you'll have to call or text me.

And today I have seen what is quite possible the worst and most boring movie I have ever seen.
The Avengers.
This is the kind of movie you only recommend to people you really don't like.
And now I'm tired. Sleep well :)
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Ice Bear

(no subject)

So, big brother 5 has started...
I haven't watched TV for about two years and I have no intention of starting now :)

Going to a goodbye party in Acton Town later.
An old friend of mine is leaving the country for a few years to go travelling. Also she's gotten tired of London, although she hasn't quite gotten tired of life yet.
It's really weird that I'm beginning to meet these people I knew 5 years ago again, and they're all grown up and respectable know. Mostly :)
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