May 31st, 2004

Ice Bear

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This has been an exceedingly powerful weekend.
Also very emotional. I'm once again coming full circle and seeing what an idiot I was when I was younger. Hmmm...
But anyway, I'll try to do an update that makes more sense to those who aren't involved when I've carried a really heavy amp into the house.
And I guess I now have to save up some cash so I can go to Oz for X-Myth...
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Well, the obligatory weekend write-up, and this time a bit more detail to avoid crypticness :)

Friday was relaxing. I fell for the Virgin temptation and bought 4 DVDs for £20:
Con Air - One of the best action movies evah! With a cast of really fantastic actors.
The Avengers - Quite possibly the shittiest movie I have ever watched. Don't go near it.
The Saint - I can't remember how good it is, but I vaguely remember enjoying it :)
I also got a Blackadder compilation DVD with some of the TV specials on it.
naziboy and I watched two of them while having a scrumptious indian take-away.

Got up rather late so I could be fresh for an old friends, Iselle, leaving party. We had sadly lost touch when I moved up to Liverpool as I managed to loose my phone with all my numbers in shortly after I got up there, and it was pure co-incidence that we had gotten back in touch through a mutual friend (izzi_redhead). And typically a week after we get back in touch she leaves to travel the world for two years. A couple of readers might recognise the name, but probably not many. In any case, I met said person + friends in The Redback in Acton. It was gloriously cheesy, and the kind of place I'd only go to with a group of people. The atmosphere was good and the beer was affordable.
Eventually the night came to a close after much talking, laughter and recounting Ye Olden Days at the hostel where we used to live in Notting Hill Gate. Some people were a bit hungover the next day, but a rather large breakfast quickly sorted that out.

Spent most of the day saying a last goodbye to the lovely girl who abandoning London. One of her other friends and I escorted her to the airport where some people got quite, and understandably, emotional as a last goodbye was said before she disappeared into the departure area.
By thi time it was rather late, so I hurried from Heathrow to Camden where MAB was playing, but sadly I missed them. Had a few beers with naziboy and then went to The Electric Ballroom where there was some sort of special bank holiday goth night. There was also a band which was fairly good. Eventually managed to get home and slept soundly.

Today two of my house mates have moved out, so naziboy and I will have the house to ourselves until spikey_bastard comes down to live here.
Now I'm gonna make food and watch movies the rest of the day. Yay :)
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Ice Bear


Gah, I'm so pathetic.
I have been in such a pathetic mood since saying goodby to my old flame yesterday that I can't even be bothered making food now. Hmm, I guess that's why god invented Indian take-away.
And while I'm at it, the story behind the post last night is fairly simple and really quite typical of me.
About six years ago her and I were on the verge of getting together, but fool that I am decided that maybe it wasn't such a good idea, and we lost touch when I moved up to Liverpool the year after. I realised while I was still in London that I had been a fool, but I felt that it was too late to do anything about it then. I now find her again after five years and she immediately moves to Australia. Really extremely typical of my life. Especially since we were both very cuddly until she left and it was very much as if we were in '98.
Oh well, she'll be back in a few years, and until then Im invited to go to Oz on holiday whenever I please, so I'm gonna save up and go for X-Mas. Incidentally that will also be an excellent excuse for not going to Denmark for X-Mas ;)
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