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June 2nd, 2004 - This is the day, This is the hour, This is my lunch — LiveJournal
Well, the client I'm currently working for frowns on frivolous internet usage, so I guess I won't be checking LJ at work for the forseeable future. Bummer that. I guess that means that I'll either have to trim my default view a bit or only skim despite there being so many interesting people who deserves to have their journal read in full. A bit of a shame really.
I also can't check my private mail at work, but with a bit of luck posting via e-mail should be a definite possibility :)

My first day of real work for this client went well. It was interesting and fulfilling. It's also a means to a goal, and hopefully the masterplan will unfold as it should over the next few years. Yes, there is a master plan...

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Current Music: Marc Almond - The Days Of Pearly Spencer

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Yay. Holiday has been booked and approved.
Now I just have to somehow get the money together for a trip to Sweden in October and Oz in December.
Work is still going well. I'm moving into what's referred to as The Danger Zone™. Most people who leave this client (Either by choice or by request) tend to leave after they've been here a week, but before they've been here three weeks. I have also told them that I will be happy to do as much overtime as I can get over the next three months, and it looks like there will be a fair bit. And their OT rates are *very* generous. I have also discovered that trading floor support is actually quite fun.

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