June 9th, 2004

Ice Bear

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Good heavens, our mailservers go up and down faster and more frequently than a $2 crack whores knickers.

And on an un-related note:
If your IM nickname has more words in it than your average sentence, you really need to consider whether you add value to the human race. Yes, that is one of my pet hates.
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Oh well, better do a quick update I guess.
Friday was spent getting free drinks from the company and then Garlic & Shots with naziboy. Had great food and good drinks.

Saturday I went to Garlic & Shots again. This time with my friend Camilla. We had fun, food, beer, and shots. Mmmm. also chatted to a few nice people in the crypt. Very nice.
Afterwards we went for a late night dinner in chinatown, and after Camilla got on the bus home I went to catch a bus to Slimes. A transexual tried to chat me up which was slightly amusing, and eventually I got to limes which was quite good. Finally managed to meet glenndm. Also met a few new people, and chatted to others I already knew. didn't get particularly munted, but had great fun.

Sunday was spent first in the park across from Starbcuks, then a pub and then The Dev where I was chatting to a WINOLJ chap called Andrew for about 6 hours about politics, theology, ethics and much else. Very interesting.

There's now pictures ready for the world to see from the leaving party I was at a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I know it was a backpacker bar, but it was bloody good fun nonetheless.

And my mp3 collection has swollen to about 22312 mp3s, 66D6H21M25S listening time and 122.87GB. I really gotta stop at some point. Otherwise I'll have to buy a new HDU just for the mp3s :)

Work is still good.
I can't access my private e-mail at work, but I can access MSN Messenger and watch TV. And it's airconditioned. Nice :)
I'm now off to the land of Nod as I'm up again at 5. Ouch.
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