July 23rd, 2004

Ice Bear

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Spider-Man 2 rocks. Totally.
Far better than the first one. Go see it...
The action is good although it comes across as more of a drama type movie. It tries to be a tear-jerker on a couple of occassions and does it fairly well.
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Ice Bear


I met this girl at a leaving party some time ago.

I finally (After a month and a half) pplucked up the courage to taxt her and ask her out for lunch. I suggested either Thursday or Saturday as Thursday would be 'safe' in the sense that she could easily say that she had to go home early if I was boring her or making her uncomfortable, but she said Saturday was best.
Obviously I thought: 'Cool'
Met up at Bar Uno in Camden Saturday in proceeded to talk for about 4 or 5 hours. The only break in the chat was when we were eating, and then at least one of was still talking while the other chewed.
As it happened, we had an amazing number of interests and opinions in common (Unless she was lying), and also a mutual friend in Edinburgh. During the 'lunch' she suggested that we should go and see the friend in Edinburgh together (As I had said that I was going in mid August).
As we both liked fantasy movies, I suggested that we should go and see King Arthur together, which she said was a great idea.
She had also suggested that I should come with her to Israel as I really liked the place when I was living there in '96.
In the end (Very late after drinks at a pub where a band I know had been playing) she left saying that she might have been interested in more if we had been at The Redback (in Acton). I took this as saying that she would only have been interested if she had been really drunk, but that's of course just my interpretation.
The next day I sent her a text saying that I had really enjoyed the night before and it would be fun to repeat it (Yes, I'm an emotional masochist). She replied saying that she thought the same and I gave her my msn username in case she ever wanted to chat on-line and also asked her to let me know at some point if she was still up for watching King Arthur.
I never heard anymore after that.
I know only too well I'm not much to look at.
I also know I'm not that interesting.
But all considered, I really think this is the closest I've come to finding a person I could achieve harmony with in years.
I gave up on finding The One™ many years ago, but now I've given up on women altogether.
(cue tinned laughter towards the whingeing goth)
Ice Bear

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One of the nice things about deploying PCs in offices with doors is that you can sit and read LJ while pretending that you're checking that everything is working :)

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Hmm, I still don't understand why people claim having to have an ID card infringes anyones civil liberties.
Hmm, they're probably just tree-hugging bleeding-heart-liberal hippies ^_~