July 26th, 2004

Ice Bear

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That was a remarkably good weekend.
Friday was quiet and relaxing doing sweet FA.
Saturday included lunch with a bunch of lovely people (faerierhona, vampwillow, zenmeisterin, johnny_eol & davywavy), then wandering about Camden for a bit until we all went our seperate ways. I can't remember who or why, but I do know that someone slapped the back of my head for being naughty. Hmph.
Also saw a really amusing T-shirt which said:
Dolphins are Gay Sharks.
Also bumped into kuchisake_onna who looked radiant and cheery as always.
I later helped naziboy get rid of some of the stuff he's getting rid of before moving to Sweden. More weights, good, I was running out :)
Watched Battlestar Galactica which proved to be one of the most boring movies I have ever seen and not worth the money it cost to rent it. It wouldn't even have been worth the bandwidth if I had downloaded it.
Sunday I had a good rummage through the CDs he's getting rid of, and my MP3 collection will soon expand with stuff I'll be ripping.
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