August 22nd, 2004

Ice Bear

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The true story of The Lord of the Rings

This has been a good week.
Monday, Tuesday and Friday were fairly average.

Wednesday was sponsored by Free Beer™ courtesy of my new manager who had been silly enough to promise the entire team that she would buy beer if we reached what she thought was an unrealistic target. She obviously hadn't reckoned with the inspiring power of beer :)

Thursday was good as well. I went to Soho Square for a game of chess with fuck_m3_up and when they closed the park we went to Garlic & Shots for garlic food, chat and chess. We also decided that we must have a game of chess with this board.

Saturday witnessed my first game of football in about 14 years. It was rather harsh and my legs are killing me, but it was rather good fun. Even when a guy who was built like an armoured car and I both went for the ball and we kinda bounced of eachother. Ouch. And I'm looking forwards to next Saturday :)
Later I went to see elfenkind + SO which was much better than going to Slimes.

Tomorrow will mostly be spent trying to get FTP to work, getting donuts, and making a proper exercise schedule.

Ooooh, The Sixth Sense was quite good. I should have seen it a long time ago and now I'm really looking forwards to The Village.
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