August 25th, 2004


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The Klingon Empire shall surely Krush this puny helpdesk beneath it's stompy boots. Two warriors have fallen prey to disease and a few are away on shore leave. One warrior is battling with Expenditure Requests of Doom™ from dusk till dawn and the rest of us are fighting a rear-guard action in the trenches. We are currently 5 seasoned veterans against an overwhelming foe of 70 with no respite in sight.

But still we struggle ever onwards.

(Yes, we are just a tad busier than usual and several people down, but at least it means I'm not bored...)
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Ice Bear

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Our users are quite clearly simple.
Someone has just tried to log a call because *he* was freezing. Not his pc.
What exactly does that have to do with IT?
He complained that the aircon was turned too low on his floor. >_
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