August 26th, 2004

Ice Bear

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Just finished watching Cypher.
Surprisingly good movie which has more twist and turns than you average test-rat maze.
And with a surprise ending I only guessed a couple of seconds before it was revealed...
Definitely a movie worth renting.
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Ice Bear

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Glorious. I have just spoken with a user who has had trouble with an application not working since yesterday.
Today I discover that he downloaded a trial version which interestingly ran out the same day the company version stopped working. Somehow he had 'forgotten' to mention this.
I'm going to have to suggest that in the future, when people install software which causes problems, they have a finger cut off (Our choice of finger). After a couple of incidents, people will probably stop doing this...
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Ice Bear

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Busy but good weekend ahead. I will apparently be working both Saturday and Sunday. Woo-Yay. This pleases me greatly.
I am about to make loads of spaghetti bolognese. This is also pleasing.
I have approximately £0.46 to last me until Tuesday. Although I don't find this pleasing, I don't actually mind all that much...
spikey_bastard + entourage will be coming down soon. This is also good and will undoubtedly entertain me.
WinAmp 5.04 has the ability to remove duplicate entries. This is good (Yes I know about the security hole)
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