October 7th, 2004

Ice Bear

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Finally managed to finish Angel Season 5

I'll try to avoid spoilers, but there will be teasers :)
Not as good as Season 3 which was by far the best, but better than Season 4.
The awful dialogue and pitiful acting which plagued the first 5 or 8 episodes got much better although the ending let much to be desired (Not the last 5 minutes though, they were good). It was interesting to see Wesley becoming more and more psychotic. He certainly learnt to enjoy shooting people. They also seemed to enjoy killing off main characters, and seeing Lorne laying the smackdown on someone was surprising to say the least.
As much as I enjoyed it, I hope they will lay the series to rest as this really should be the end.
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It would appear that I need to train for a little run in the dark.
I should really blame fuck_m3_up as it was her idea.

I have recently joined Holmes Place in Wood Green after a 3 week break from the gym. When I started on their running machines, I was at first horrified at how out of shape I was after only three weeks. I then realised that the bastard treadmill was showing the speed and distance in imperial measurements rather than the far better metric measurements. No wonder I was having trouble running 13kph for a sustained period. It was 13mph. And trying to run 5km is easier than 5 miles.
Oh well, I'm also almost back to being able to lift the same weight before my unscheduled break, and this is good. Once I have reached my targets then I will concentrate on endurance and stamina.
I guess this might be mostly of interest to fuzball and fuck_m3_up Collapse )
These are obviously just intermediate goals. Once I have achieved these (and I'm close), then I will concentrate more on endurance, stamina and cardio excercises.
At the moment I'm overtraining and I know it, but I'm making up for it by taking far too many vitamins, minerals, protein drinks (Mmmm, chocolate taste (: ) All in all it's good, and I'm slowly coming to the realisation that I am actually quite big in this country :->
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