October 16th, 2004

Ice Bear

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Look out, it's the Penguin Blood Ninja Fiasco...
Very funny

I haven't really updated much because I haven't really done much.
Work is still annoying me which is a shame.

This week has been work, gym and not much else. Until today.
Today I went down to Kingston to have lunch with elfenkind. Something that really doesn't happen often enough.
Very nice it was indeed. We went to a cafe called Moulin Rouge which I used to go to when I worked down there in '96 - '98. 6 years later and they still recognise me. Nice. Especially since back then I had long black hair and no facial hair, whereas now I'm bald with a goatee.
The guy at the counter even remembered what I usually had for lunch way back when...

And now we'll see what the weekend brings...
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