November 11th, 2004

Ice Bear

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Tired, sooo tired...
Some day I will learn not to watch Stargate SG1 til 02:00 when my alarm clock goes off at 06:40.
Thankfully I have tomorrow off so I can go to Edinburgh.
And so far there are no annoying users who have upset my fragile sense of tranquility. This is very pleasing. Although with 8 hours to go, I'm sure something will happen. However, I have been exceedingly bouncy this week (Even by my standards) so I don't think anything is likely to drag me down :)
Not until Tuesday anyway.
Tuesday I went with with lux_louella to Metal Morphosis so she could get her tongue done. apparently there was a sharp intake of breath as she showed the piercer the good as they felt it was too 'veiny' and didn't want to risk a bloodbath. Wimps. However, I was secretly a bit pleased as a friend of mine in ages gone by had been pierced in there and was less than happy with them.
Not to be deterred, we went to Angelic Hell Tattoo World on Frith Street. Now that was more like it. Immediately upon arriving we were greeted by one of the lovely serving wenches from Garlic & Shots who was getting inked and a Dane, who was thoroughly toasted the last time I saw her at G & S, inking someone else. I had never been aware of this place before but I immediately took a liking to it.
And result is that tongue got pierced with no dramatic amounts of blood and everyone was happy.
I have now decided that I want to have my nipple re-done, as I unfortunately took the ring out a few years ago.
I suspect that it has mostly healed, but I have every confidence I'll be able to re-open it myself. If I can re-open a prince albert, surely I can re-open my nipple...
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