November 18th, 2004

Ice Bear

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Sooo incredibly tired.
But quite looking forwards to the gym tonight :)
Stomach hurty. Lots. Must remember to stretch properly. Achy belly no fun.
And doing sit-ups when belly achy is no clevah.
I'm so tired I'm getting a bit silly, hence the grammar previously in this entry.

Tomorrow will see the triumphant return of spikey_bastard and posthuman_angel.
We shall feast at Garlic & Shots and drink and be merry. Later we might go to Synthetic Culture. Only time will tell.
Anyone wanna join us?

Saturday will probably contain much victory in Camden and and the battlefield at Strength Through Joy shall surely bear witness to even greater feats of victory and honour. And to a soundtract of stompy industrial as well. Mmmmmm.
Possibly Slimes afterwards, but it will depend on how much honour we have left.
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