December 3rd, 2004

Ice Bear

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It would appear that I was wrong the other day.
It's still t-shirt weather. I have just walked home from Wood Green (About 30 minutes) at 1:30 am and it wasn't cold.
This is, of course, in my office clothes with no coat. Imagine my surprise...
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Ice Bear

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Good heavens I'm tired.
Getting home at 1:50 on a schoolnight really isn't recommendable, although it was nicely refreshing to have a 30 minute walk at that time of night.
It was, however, a very enjoyable night with penguin_worship, her flatmate and a tiny bit of rum.

And it looks like I'll be heading straight for Garlic & Shots after work followed by Dead & Buried. Who else might one expect to see at Dead & Buried?
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