December 31st, 2004

Ice Bear

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Well, the last week has been enjoyable and relaxing.
Went for drinks with blakeshell on the 24th which was good and ranged from Camden to Soho and back to Camden.
25th was spent in front of my PCs playing Starcraft and watching movies.
Memento is a totally rocking movie about a guy who can't form new memories and is trying to hunt down his wifes killer.
Had lunch in Camden with faerierhona, vampwillow, pure_simon and puddingcat. Much hilarity ensued as the girls spent hours trying on shoes in one particular shop. I can't remember if any of them actually bought any, but I guess that's not really the point of the exercise :)
Saw lot's of nice boots at nicely reduced prices. Only bought one pair though. And they weren't boots, but Noo Rawk trainers. Very nice though.
Also saw puddingcat in rather tight PVC pants skirt which immediately reduced both myself and pure_simon to drooling idiots :)

Yesterday saw the arrival of </a></b></a>captain_wuggy, </a></b></a>captain_slutboy and </a></b></a>captain_pacman. Drinks in Camden with lovely people and then food + more drinks at Garlic & Shots with more lovely people...

Tonigh: New Years Eve - The Muntering
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Ice Bear

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I haven't made new year resolutions in the past and I won't this year.
I am, however, determined that this coming year:
I will only go to Slimes once a month and that will be after Strength Through Joy which I will endeavor to go to every month as it is a remarkably good night out.
I will go to more gigs and festivals this year. M'era Luna is a definite, and I might do WGT as well. Some day I will manage to go to Whitby and see what all the fuss is about.
I will learn to be more aggressive. Somehow. Even though it's not in my nature. naziboy is probably the only one who knows what I mean by this ;)
I will finish off my MCSE.
I will be a better person than I was in 2004.
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