January 17th, 2005

Ice Bear

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I had a most excellent weekend up until Sunday night.
Friday spikey_bastard arrived and helped celebrate ded_end_doll's birthday which was groovy and fun.
Got home Saturday morning and relaxed for a bit. purple_jo came over and with the help of penguin_worship, we managed to get pizza and damn it was a good pizza. Even purple_jo's vegetarian pizza was good...
Amusingly spikey_bastard decided not to go to Strength Through Joy. This is amusing as it was because of STJ that he came down to Londinium this weekend. Oh well, not rally a great loss for him as the music was nowhere near as good as it normally is.
The company was excellent though. zapruder was amusingly drunk and ran away with embarrasment caused by accidental outbursts once or twice. Highly amusing :)

Went on to Slimes...
A number of regulars I normally spend time with were missing, but fortunately the people who were there were lovely and there were some particularly good moments which were very cheerful. Slimes ended and I did the sensible thing and went home rather than go to an afterparty. Went home, relaxed and went to sword practice. Sword practice was fun and I met a girl there who resembled velvetfur so much I could have sworn she was her long lost sister :)
Afterwards I went to The Dev to meet spikey_bastard.
At this point things really went down the tube.
I have found that my tolerance for cigarette smoke is pretty much nil and with three people smoking heavily within less than a metre I was ready to throw up within about one pint or so. This also led me to become very irritable and shortly afterwards I regretfully lost my temper.
So yeah, my apologies for that, I'm sorry about that Kris... :(

And today? I'm not even going to get started on today...
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Ice Bear

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I have decided that maybe it's time for a bit of a detox.
I will try not to drink or any such thing until STJ next month.
I will allow a bit of beer when I go to see naziboy in Sweden and a bit of wine when I go to elfenkind's wedding in February.

The first test of my willpower will be on Thursday when I go to Garlic & Shots with my friend Dave Mac.
It'll be interesting to see how well I manage.
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