January 24th, 2005

Ice Bear

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So, this week has come and gone and it's been OKish.
Work was boring, but I've been studying, so it's all good.
Friday I went to see camillat + SO and saw DVDs from the old country and ate foodstuffs from the fatherland. Also saw Bill Bailey for the first time. Very amusing.
Found my housemate sitting on the steps to our house when I came home as she had forgotten her keys when she left in the morning. Giggle.

Saturday I worked from 8 to 17:30. Ouch.
Then Cinema.
Attendees: purple_jo, walkingwhale and Jaqc.
Movie: Elektra
Verditct: OK - Worth seeing, but don't expect a fantastic, deep and meaningful movie. It's far better than Daredevil though, but that wouldn't take much anyway.
I am, however, really looking forwards to the directors cut as that might fill in some of the plot holes I noticed.
Also, the IMDB messageboards for Elektra is a hotbed of bitchiness and quite amusing :)
Sunday was gym day. Mmmm, gymming on Sundays is definitely a good idea. the place was deserted and all the equipment was available with no waiting. Excellent.
And I can nearly pull myself up. This is a great step forwards for me as I have never been able to do that before. And since I weigh 105kg (16 Stone) it's hardly easy.
Afterwards swordfighting, which was fun. purple_jo and walkingwhale came along and seemed to like it, so they will probably come along again, and they will try to drag penguin_worship along.
And now, bed :)