May 16th, 2005

Ice Bear

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Pretty high on the list of things that amuse me are guys who are so vain, that they try to lift weights that are far too heavy for them and as a result drop the weight on their own face.
Well, that'll teach him not to try to do dumbbell chest presses with a dumbbell so heavy that he needed a friend's help lifting it and couldn't even do one bloody rep with it.
If you can't do a single rep, the weight is too heavy. He's lucky he didn't tear a muscle.
I kinda saw them try from a distance and moved a bit closer to help if needed. Saw they were muppets and decided they needed to learn their lesson.
They deserved it as well for not clearing the weights away they were done.
Oh yeah, I guess they were too heavy for them to move away :)
Oh well, at least I was entertained while I gave my shoulders a good work-out.
Also, I am no longer stationed at Lehman Brothers and will be attending an interview at RBoS tomorrow. So anyone who has my work address at Lehman, don't bother using it as I won't see any e-mails sent to me there.

Other than that, the last week has been reasonably quiet and uneventful.

Viking training on Sunday was good and fun. It was bloody hot and we all had a good time with no bruises worth mentioning.
I also put an order in for a Scram (A type of long knife) which I can use as a secondary weapon. I just need to get an axe as well now.
Once I have the axe I'll obviously learn how to use that. And once that's accomplished, I'll start using them two handed. Mmmmm

I'm currently watching National Treasure which is a very entertainign little action movie. Not too deep, just a good yarn. I'll definitely recommend seeing it.