June 16th, 2005


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So, faerierhona's BBQ was most excellent and the company was great.
I could list people, but I can't be bothered. nearly_everyone was there :)

The week has progressed as one would expect with work, gym and Warcrack.
I had a rather crap biceps/triceps workout Monday, so I decided to do legs instead and damn I had a good workout with them. Lovely. I have also started doing more classes which is proving to be great fun.

I have also just done my usual party trick of staying up way too late.
At least I spent the time constructively by watching White Noise. Reasonably good movie that doesn't have the usual happy Hollywood ending. Yay.
And tomorrow I'll watch The Ring if I'm not too tired.

And today is the big day...
Hopefully I'll get to see it sometime this weekend, otherwise I'm gonna see it this Tuesday in Wood Green as it's only £3.50 on Tuesdays. Rar!

And I've discovered a really cool community called: chickswithsword.
Cicks with swords... Mmmm...
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