June 23rd, 2005


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Yet another wonderful lunchbreak spent lying half-naked snoozing in the sun.
And when I was pleasantly surprised that The Discovery Channel hadn't shown up to film the appearance of the missing link in the Docklands :)

And I'm astonishingly tired. I couldn't sleep until about 2am and getting up at 6:15 was not fun. And I'm meant to do biceps, triceps and shoulders tonight. Hmmm, I just hope I'll have the energy.
Thankfully I can have 40 minutes snooze on the tube before I get to Wood Green.
And today I *will* buy a fan. Last year I kept saying that I would and then promptly forgot.
This year I've kept saying that I would buy one before June, but kept forgetting. No more!
Tonight I will fall asleep to the gentle hum of a fan.

Also, Monday I had one of the best meals in my entire life.
My wonderful friend Iselle WINOLJ and I have been taking turns at making food for eachother for some time but last Monday she truly outdid herself.
Two whole chickens stuffed with bacon, onions and garlic. Roasted to perfection with plenty of herbs and seasoning.
Roasted potatoes also with lots of herbs and seasoning. I think they were meant to be crispy, but they turned out to be rather soft which was absolutely marvellous. And the chicken juices were naturally caught in the tray and poured over the food as it was served.
Mere words cannot do that meal justice. Suffice to say that I was in gastronomic heaven and absolutely stuffed by the end of my meal.
Just off the top of my head I can only really think of three meals to rival that one, and Iselle is responsible for one of those. I think she's missed her calling as a chef...
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Batman Begins...

I went to see Batman Begins last Tuesday, and here is my quick capsule review:

Batman absolutely rocked unbelievably much.
It was everything I hoped it would be and none of what I feared it might be...
I really don't see how they could have made it any better.
And the ending was...*perfect*

Yay for a good Batsy movie...
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