June 29th, 2005

Ice Bear

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Hmmm, I'm beginning to feel slightly sniffly as if there's a cold on the way.
Maybe I should stop training twice a day and let my body sort it out.
It would appear that I have successfully hit the 90kg to 95kg range. I weigh myself each time I go to the gym and in the beginning of the year I was in the 105kg to 115kg range. In the past couple of months I have been 95kg - 100kg but for the past weeke or two I have consistently been around 95kg or lower. VICTORY!

Xtro last Friday was great.
nearly_everyone was there and I got to chat to and see people I really don't get to see often enough. Met a rather cute girl there, but wasn't sure if any attraction was mutual. There was a 'moment' I think, but I let it go just in case. Also decided that the next time I do Slimes I'm gonna try to do it sober and unmuntered. Hmm, let's see how that goes...

This week has been the same old. Continuing the roll-out of service Pack 4 for Win2k. Hardly exciting, but at least the people I work with are good and not particularly boring.

I think tonight I'll work on my chest, biceps and triceps. And then do a class or two.

Friday I'll see velvetfur for a few hours while she's waiting for her bus to Holland and on Saturday it's time for a picnic. I have a sneaky feeling I might end up at Slimes afterwards, but time will surely tell.
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Ice Bear

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Oh my god what a great work-out I had to day.
I upped my weight for dumbbell chest press from 30kg to 34kg. Grrr, it felt good :)
It's also quite nice to have a semi-regular gym buddy I know from outside the gym. We might not do exactly the same excercises but it's nice nonetheless.
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