July 1st, 2005


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Last nights tricep and leg workout was fantastic. Managed to add a bit of weight and also added a new exercise called The Skullcrusher. I think it's called that because the weights would crush your skull if they slipped :)

Had a really nice and relaxing class afterwards called Body Balance which was basically, well, balancing :)
Very relaxing.

Also went to the London Vampire Connexions evening at The Ivy House near Holborn. Quite chilled with a nice atmosphere and friendly people.

Just a shame it was all tarnished by this thing called work :)
But hey, sushi for breakfast managed to cheer me up a bit.
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Ice Bear

:N I N:

So, is there really no-one who wants to buy a ticket to see NIN on Monday?
I have a spare ticket which I would rather sell to some needy soul than let it go to waste...
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