July 5th, 2005

What The F....

NIN @ The Brixton Academy

Well, that was a shit gig.
The only good thing was the company.

I would have been better off staying at home, listening to a live CD with the heating on full and several guys dry humping me...

But seriously, it was exactly like listening to a CD but nothing more.
Was it worth the £22.50? No.
Would it have been worth £10? No.
To be quite honest, I have seen better shows by amateur bands at The Barfly in Camden for a fiver.

Yes, I know that I can't expect all bands to put on shows as good as Nightwish or Rammstein but they could at least try...

But at least the company was great. blakeshell and two WINOLJ girls.
It was, however, fun trying to be a human wave breaker protecting the girls from being squashed (Especially with one of them having something in the oven). blakeshell also proved to be a knight as always.
Oh well, at least I have Nightwish to look forwards to in august and September...
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Ice Bear

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I'm currently a bit grumpy, I just thought I'd post something that was actually a reply to someone about the G8 protests and which also slags off the Live 8 gigs:

The hippies are silly in thinking that anything they do matters.
We've just had a huge spectacle designed to deflect blame from our political overlords, increasing the record sales of a bunch of already filthy rich corporate whores and increasing the share price of the companies which owns them. And the last time we had such a lovely big gathering of suckers of satans cock superstars everyone was convinced that we had saved Africa.
But guess what...

As you can probably tell, I'm tired of it all. We live in a world ruled by conglomerates and as long as they have neither bodies to kick nor souls to damn we're all screwed.

However, I have not seen trhe footage...
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Ice Bear

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Well well well, look at who has been a grumpy old man today.
Oh well, tonight is food night with some good friends, that should sort me out...