July 7th, 2005

Iron Cross

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Poll #527639 Oh dammit

Bombs or Power Surges

Power surges

Will this make you more worried about using London transport?


The most distasteful comment I've heard so far was someone saying that it might be the French after London got the Olympics...
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Don't be alarmed yet...

...If you can't get hold of friends and loved ones in London.
We all now that the mobile networks fall over when big things happen, and a lesser known fact is that The Scotland Yard can jam the phone networks in a huge area of Central London so their radio signals can get through.
I'm not sure how it works though...

So don't be too worried just yet. London is rather large and chances are that they are fine.
So far I only have one friend left to check up on.

Getting home is gonna be a bloody nightmare though.
A 5 hour walk or something like that.

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Ice Bear

The long walk home...

Righy ho, I'm off home.
This will be interesting and undoubtedly involve lots of buses and walking.
I'm guessing 3 - 5 hours, thankfully my MP3 player is fully charged and full of metal \m/

If anyone needs me, call...

I just hope I'll make it to the gym in a decent time... :)
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Ice Bear

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It only took me two and a half hours to get home.
I did get soaked in the rain, but I dried up again.

If we let them throw our lives into chaos and cause us to be afraid, then they'll have won.
So here's a big 'up yours' to the terroists: I'm going to the gym now, because that's what I would normally do...

Hope you're all fine out there...

Amusingly, the song which came on my MP3 player when I left the building was Until The End of The World by Apop
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