July 14th, 2005

Ice Bear

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Cor, I'm knackered today.
I got up at the ridiculous time of 06:15 yesterday just so I could leave work early.
The reason? Gym of course :) There's a class at 17:30 called core conditioning which absolutely destroys your abs and lower back. Fabulous.
Another class (Circuit workout, a vicious workout. I'm sure the trainer is a sadist) afterwards and then an hour and a half of legs.
Georgie and penguin_worship came along as well (slightly overlapping) so I had to keep them company as well. I also kept an eye on them as I really wouldn't want them to do their exercises wrongly. They might waste their time or worse, hurt themselves.
Afterwards I was fed and watered courtesy of flannelcat's excellent cooking skills. Thanks :)
Needless to say, my abs are a bit sore today and my legs feel absolutely marvellous :)
I also learnt a new way of doing lowerback extensions which really put the muscles to good use, so that will be incorporated into my workout regime straight away.

Tonight I will try out a new class called Dance Mania. You can stop sniggering you there in the back. Apparently it's a really good cardio-style class and it's nice to try something different. Afterwards it's time to hit the upper back.
I have also changed my regime as of yesterday. Instead of going for heavy weights, I'm now going for many reps for the rest of the month and probably until the end of August. I will keep the weights at the level they are currently at and just pump out as many reps as I possibly can. It'll be hard, but worth it.

Tonorrow will be a glorious rest day. vrghost has his birthday celebrations at Garlic & Shots possibly followed by synth_culture.
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