July 18th, 2005

Ice Bear

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Reasonably good weekend.
Friday was great fun at Garlic & Shots discussing 'social reform' with nibber (Finally someone who agrees with me on many points), parsley and the cult of with elijahtc and general chatter with vrghost.
Followed by Synthetic Culture where I managed to spend most of my time on the dancefloor which I felt was quite impressive considering I had been up since 07:00 that morning. Finally left aroound 03:00 so I could get a bit of sleep before gymming the next morning.
Ended up waiting an hour for the N91. Bastards. If I had known that I would have started walking home and probably gotten home a lot earlier.

Gym was great and I had an amazingly good leg work-out. My legs have a always been strong (They had to be, they were carrying me around) but now they are becoming properly strong and are almost completely non-wobbly. Yayness.
Annoyingly I forgot my workout schedule in the gym, and the staff hasn't found it so I guess that can be considered lost. Good thing I have a back-up. A bit annoying though as it's been a while since I've updated it' so I have to try to remember the weights I'm doing.
It's that time again where my work-out regime gets changed. For the past month and a bit I've been going for 4 sets of 6 reps but from now until the end of August I'll be doing 4 sets of 15 reps with the weight I'm currently on. Obviously that means I'll be getting to 15 reps slowly, but I'll get there :)
I'm also going to do more bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, dips with out added/removed weight, push-ups and so on.
And for the past week my weight has been reasonably steady around 92.5kg each time I've checked, so I guess that's another 2.5 kg off my mind :)

Afterwards it was picnic time in Regents park which was quite lovely. My friends had made sandwiches and I brought wine. And the weather was of course gorgeous. The Marlborough Head was surprisingly empty which may have been due to the weather. Amusingly Iselle (winolj) kept insisting that I shouldn't bring up the fact that I wasn't drinking although she kept saying that she wanted to know what I had done with the real Lars who smoked like a trooper, drank like a fish, patied for days with no sleep and wouldn't be seen dead in a gym. The frequency of these comments increased proportionally with her alcohol intake :)
a rather good night with blakeshell joining us briefly and later Marcus (winolj again) joining us. It was a good relaxed evening.

I suppose I have been abusing my body recently. Not enough sleep and rather long gym sessions. Saturday's was about 4 hours. At least that would explain why I slept over 12 hours and didn't get up before 14:00 Sunday afternoon. I was, of course, stupid enough to then go to the gym and I fully deserved to have a crap work-out.
I recently did a test in one of the fitness magazines I buy which said that I am not in danger of being a gym junkie, but I'm kinda wondering whether that is the case. This morning I had a slightly worrying response to an emotional pang where my first response was to get a chocolate croissant and my second and much stronger urge was to think of tonights gym session. Hmmm. Makes me wonder...
Ice Bear

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I just remembered a rather odd train of thought I had last night as I was trying to sleep.
For some reason I started thinking of various Sci-Fi species and which one I would most like to be if I wasn't a human.
The two that sprang to mind was, unsurprisingly, Klingons and Vulcans.
Klingons are brave honourable warriors and Vulcans are cold, logical and suppress their enotions.
Both of those appeal rather a lot to me.
And this reminds me of me long term goal of learning Klingon :)
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