August 19th, 2005

Ice Bear

(no subject)

How annoying.
Just as I was about to go for my lunchbreak I get a call from Marylebone police station.
It turned out that my dad had been inconsiderate enough to have a bit of a fit and keeled over on Oxford Street and could I please go and collect him at the University College Hospital on Tottenham Court Road as he was taking up space in the A&E department.
So there went my lunch break with getting him and bringing him down to his hotel.
Phht, parents are always really just out to embarrass their kids.
I hope he doesn't pull another stunt like that at Garlic & Shots tonight when we go there for a bite to eat.

And also, I won't be reading back through 2 weeks of LJ entries, so call/text me if there is anything important I should know.
And I won't really be checking my FL for at least another week or so due to a severe lack of internet at home...