August 29th, 2005

Ice Bear

(no subject)

In work with three and a half hours to go...
Bank holiday and it's sunny. Dammit.

Oh well, it's completely voluntary and I could really use the money so why not...
And since I'm only here on a 'In case something happens' basis there's sweet FA to do apart from surfing and reading.
Oh yeah, and organising herbal relief for a friend :)

But it is a little bit boring.
I think I'll spend the next hour or two making some new icons (I can have 100) and refreshing my CV.
Ice Bear

(no subject)

Although it's well known by now that George Lucas sells tickets to trainwrecks (No I'm not bitter) I'm very tempted by these.
Now if only I could get some I could actually duel with properly :)
And of course I would have to get an appropriate t-shirt

Damn, now I got started at Thinkgeek.Com so I'll probably spend another hour drooling over cool stuff...

By the way, do any of you coders out there know if there's a bit of code which open up links in a new tab in Firefox?
That would be a bit nicer than a new window...
Ice Bear

(no subject)

And still no internet access at home...
I don't mind too much actually. My biggest deprivation is the lack of World of Warcraft.
Oh well, hopefully sometime this week...