August 31st, 2005

Ice Bear

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One day in late July a group of individuals of ill repute gathered at a tavern somewhere in London...
They hid in the back where it was dark and they could be left alone by the ordinary folk...
The serving wenches served much ale as the celebration of elijahtc's life day went on.
Pictures of much merry making...
And a funny little video clip as well...
Ice Bear

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I would appear that </a></b></a> is coming to London this Friday.
That can only mean one thing...

Garlic & Shots on Saturday...

I'm already contemplating what to have. I think it will have to involve the Texas XXX-Hot Beef and nachos :)
Anyone fancy coming along?
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Ice Bear

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Three weeks away from the gym was just what the doctor ordered.
Initially when I got back I noticed that I had definitely lost some muscle mass and was forced to drop the weight I was doing, but the body remembers.
And it remembers well.
I'm now breaking my previous limits on most exercises.

I'm also currently debating whether I should make food (I should really) or play World of Warcrack (I want to)

Annoyingly The Real World has closed :(
Does anyone know of any good websites for E-mule links to Sci-Fi shows?