September 5th, 2005

Ice Bear

Weekend and stuff...

Well, that was a damn good weekend.
It started Thursday when I celebrated blakeshell's birthday.
himal was there which was nice as he hasn't been out in ages.
The organ concert we went to wasn't exactly my kinda thing and fortunately the others were of the same opinion so we left about halfway through.
We then went to a nice little pub where I got a pint of good German beer for only... £1.97.
Wow, that must be the cheapest pint in The City.

Dead & Buried was good as always. Spent most of the evening chatting to bad_faery and glenndm. It was good to see lots of people I hadn't seen in a while.
On the way home we popped by a kebab shop so spikey_bastard could have his traditional post-club kebab :)
£7 but it was a bloody big and good kebab with meaty treats of much delight.

Crashed, woke up, went to Camden, spent money.
Got a rather nice Cyberdog top which I can wear and I almost don't have to suck my gut in. Well, not much anyway :)
Also got a new pair of New Rock boots. Yay.
They are exactly like my old pair, but with slightly shorter straps. The reason is that I have finally given up trying to clean my old ones.
Simply too much mud and dust on them, so they will be my festival shoes from now on, and my new ones will be for normal day to day use.
Then The Dev, home, preen and Garlic & Shots. Mmmmm.
Texas xxx-Hot Chili In a Pan. Yummie.
Went to Slimes afterwards but my companions had very little alcohol as we left G&S after 23:00. Ooops.
Slimes was fantastic. One of my best in a long time. Saw and chatted to many people. Danced lots. Had fun.
And how nice it is to be the one who managed to dance till the very end non-munted, when ones munted friends couldn't.
Phear my l33t Danish stamina.

Home to catch a few hours kip and then off to Camden again. I used my switch card with utter impunity and have been rewarded with several goodies. 2 Corvus Corax CDs, Torture Garden tickets, more stuff from Cyberdog and a pair of white New Rock trainers :)
Woo yay.

Then Dev with lot's more people I hadn't seen in ages and ages. It was good. Very good.

So, a really good weekend where I saw lot's of people I hadn't seen for a while. I would give this weekend 8 golden stars out of ten.
People really shouldn't move to Luton ;)

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I think Corvus Corax has become one of my favourite bands :)
I feel a bit dirty admitting that even their dance re-mixes are good :)
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