September 12th, 2005

Ice Bear

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Torture Garden was fun.

I think I looked reasonably good in the uniform but it was bloody hot.
So after a couple of hours I took it off and walked around barechested.
It was nice to be able to do that and not feel like the fattest minger there.

All in all it was good fun, but not quite as outrageous as I had kind of expected. It was very much like Slimes but with fewer clothes and inhibitions.
The music was pounding techno so not much change from Slimes there either.
It was chatting to the people I knew who was there and there was one or two delightful surprises (I hadn't expected scarynic for example).
I think I'll definitely go again some day, but I don't think I'll bother dressing up. It's too hot for that.
Combats and a bare manly chest is definitely the way forwards.
Ice Bear

More TG...

There was also a rather good looking Finne who tried to chat me up. Wrong gender sadly :)

And I guess it had to happen again. It happens nearly everytime I'm out these days. Someone came up to me and said:
'Hi Viking'
I am not the only tall bald goateed person in London.
Hmmph, vikinghugs thought it was funny though.
Ice Bear

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It would also appear that god does not want me to have internet access.

I had some trouble in August and now my connection is gone due to an act of god. Saturday I was out buying a few essentials when it started raining.
Fine I thought, I'll get wet, but I can get dry again. No biggie.
Then the thunder started. And I thought, damn.
And when I got home, lo and behold, my ADSL modem and network hub appeared to have been fried. Damn!
I am, however, going to turn it into a positive experience by unplugging all my kit and cleaning out behind my desk and do a bit of re-cabling so it can all be nice and tidy, just the way I like it.

Hmm, I think I'll nip up to PC World just now and see how much their ADSL modems are. Hopefully not too much.

flannelcat/penguin_worship: Sorry I forgot to let you know about which hub and stuff to go for. I'll check up on it when I get home and e-mail you tomorrow...
Pissed Office Space

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I can't make comments to other people entries or comments on my entries.
I keep getting network problems or maybe the web server is busy errors.
How bloody annoying and inconvenient.
I just hope this will post...
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Ice Bear

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And while I remember, since I haven't got internet access at home at present, please direct e-mail to my work address if you have something I need to see urgently...
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