September 21st, 2005

Ice Bear

22nd of October

I have a nagging feeling that someone told me to keep that day free for something.

If it was someone on my FL, please let me know what it was...
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Ice Bear

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High on the list of reasons why I like Lotus Notes is the way that it only allows one connection to your e-mail at a time.
Because no-one in their right mind would everwant to log on to a second pc to check their e-mail.

But on the other hand, despite my comments the other day about Notes developers being evil, it's now clear to me that what they did was sweep the streets for all the mentally unstable people while emptying the asylums of the criminally insane and then sat them down with a keyboard.
Instead of rocking back and forth while biting their knuckles, they could now give something back to society.
Mostly pain...

But of course, it's a feature...