September 29th, 2005


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Serenity reminds you why the 1977 release of Star Wars captured your imagination in the first place and truly cements how stiff and boring the prequel movies truly are.

Ooohhh, now that is high praise for Serenity.
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Official Notification of Intent to Party and Get Rowdy

The weekends starts here :)
Tonight, Dragonforce gig at The Barfly in Camden @ 19:30 \mm/
I saw them in Wacken and they rawked.
Tomorrow it's dinner and drinks with the ever wonderful camillat...
Saturday is the big one:
The Champion of The Shots Night at Garlic & Shots
Their shots menu has 101 shots on it...
And we're gonna start with numero uno and work our way towards number 101. Rar.
The excitement starts at about 17:30 - 18:00.
I expect a strong showing from vrghost and elijahtc.
I also expect Garlic & Shots to run out of Parsley reasonably early on :)
Shadows What Do You Want

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Hmm, I guess it's a bit of a double edged sword that I have so many close friends who are ladies.
As hard as I try, I just can't stay misogynistic for long.
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