September 30th, 2005


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Christmas is cancelled courtesy of the Danish airforce.
Hooray :)

And apparently being a godless atheist and the scourge of 'religous morality' is good for society...
Hooray for godless morality.
Hooray for Unholy Rollers (lyrics)...
I also like that Scandinavia was mentioned as a godless part of the world.
Hooray for Scandinavia :)
I will celebrate Scandinavia tonight and tomorrow in a Swedish bar/restaurant.
Hooray for Swedish bars and restaurants.

Hmm, you can tell that it's Friday and I've been paid :)
Hooray for being paid
Ice Bear

D&D Question

Do any of you lovely people have the official D&D details for the Norse pantheon of gods?
I know there was one a decade or so ago, but is there a newer one?
And would it be possible to find it in electronic format...?
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