October 7th, 2005

Ice Bear

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So, Our first night RPGing.

We did really well until we came to a door.
Yes, we nearly got vanquished by a door.
After about 20 minutes prodding it I was finally persuaded to break it down.
I'm the groups magic user and I'm the strongest? WTF?
Oh well, it was fun :)
We then ran into a shrieking mushroom.
General consensus was that we should eat it :]
I then wacked it to pieces thus proving that anything immobile should fear my mighty wrath.
Some stalagmite then bit me in the ankle so I went down.
Our first aid kit [Barbara,winolj] had also gone down but fortunately we had a rather nasty beggar with us who managed to tear himself away from licking the stump of his arm long enough to give our First Aid kit a healing potion.
In the meanwhile, </a></b></a> pranced around doing sweet FA while </a></b></a> barely survived and got help from the beggar so we could all survive and move on to the next challenge.
27 skeletons and a golem I think.
Hooray for epic adventure and near death peril...
Hooray for pizza, beer and being 15 again :)

graven_fury, Let me know if you want to join. blakeshell is the DM, so you'll need to meet up and roll stats...
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Well, so far the weekend has been rather good.
Yes I'm in work, but as far as I'm concerned, my weekend started last night when we were RPGing, and that was a splendid night.
This morning I received my Wacken '06 T-Shirt. Yeah. Oh, I also got my ticket for Wacken '06. VICTORY!!!
Tonight is most likely going to be yet anoth Garlic & Shots night followed by The Cro Bar.
Who wants to come along?
It's not going to be a big night as I need to stay reasonably sober...

Saturday I'm off to The Edge Of The World to visit sliding_loopz.
That should be fun and will most likely result in light inebriation :]

Sunday I hope to make it back in time for viking practice
Sunday evening, hmmm, Dev anyone?
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Ice Bear


Oh what mighty booty I have from HMV...
I accidentally purchased Firefly and The Third Man. I didn't mean to but it was just so cheap. £2.99 for The third Man, how could I not?

HMV has a really big sale on at the moment, so now might be a good time to grab some cheap DVDs and CDs...
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