October 25th, 2005

Ice Bear

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Some people really are incredibly impolite.
I'm sitting in our office prayer room, erm... meditating... and someone comes and knocks on the door to see if someone is in there and then asks how long I'll be.
There's a reason for the 'Room in use. Do not disturb' sign which one can put up when one is using the room.

At least last night was quite good.
We were meant to play D&D, but sadly himal cancelled on us when the rest of us were there.
Buty we decided to rent a movie and get soem take-away so the evening was not entirely spoiled.
blakeshell, Barbara and myself got The forgotten.
Reasonably good movie about a mother (Julianne Moore)who's the only person who can remember her dead son. Everyone else thinks she's a loony.
She then meet a guy whose daughter was a friend of her son, but oh noes, he can't remember his daughter or her son.
Things progress from there and it becomes a movie with some interesting bits and a few 'jump in your seat' surprises.
A recommendable movie which in my opinion is only let down by a weak ending, but that's because I don't like happy endings when an unhappy one would do just fine :)