November 12th, 2005

Ice Bear


So far it's been fun and relaxing. I've seen a few things such as cats, more cats, a few more cats and some beaches and volcanoes.
I'm currently sitting by a pool with a cool San Miguel.
Nice :]

I'll post some photos later.
I hope you're all having fun without me...
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Iron Cross

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We all know the old ones are coming, so you should make sure that you are amongst the faithful who get eaten first.
I'm not taking any chances, so I got five :]

Also, I still haven't wrecked themadcatlady's car and with a bit of luck I won't :]
This is rather swell :]

Had a glorious tex-mex dinner after relaxing at the pool.
Tomorrow we'll try to get there a bit earlierso we can enjoy the sun a bit more.