November 17th, 2005

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Back in London.
That was an excellent holiday and themadcatlady was a wonderful host.
She's also still alive despite my several attempts at crashing us into other cars or driving us off cliffs and into rocks and so on.
But seriously, I revved a bit too much once and I think she was a bit...unsettled by that.
Well, there was also the one time where she felt the need to pull on the steeringwheel. Well, I suppose it's never easy to be a passenger in your own car.
But it was a lovely holiday, and I hope to post pictures and a couple of movie clips soon...

Landed last night at 00:15. Ouch. The flight was a bit of a fun rollercoaster ride. Oh well, I think turbulence is fun :]
Sadly the guy next to me was trying to drink wine which meant that he smelled of white wine for the rest of the flight. Oh well, entertaining for me...
Finally got home at 02:00 and then I had to unpack and all the usual stuff after a holiday. Good thing I had today off.

So today I did my laundry (Mmmm, I like cats and I really love cat hairs), went to the gym, had second date with cute girl, RPG'ed and finally had dinner while watching Andromeda.
Today has been good :)
Ice Bear

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I think my plane back to Ol' Blighty must have crossed over into an alternate universe where everything goes well for me or there is some serious karmic re-alignment going on.
I really can't remember the last time I looked to the future and it had this much potential.
Of course, now that I've said that, just watch me get run over by a bus on my way to the gym :->
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Gym Train Hard

Oh god, my legs, the pain...

My legs would appear to have turned into pieces of boiled spaghetti. Ow.
I didn't go to the gym while I was in Lanzarote and in the days leading up to that vacation I had too many things to do so I couldn't get to the gym so it's been nearly two weeks since i last visited those hallowed halls properly (Apart from yesterdays bitchingly good chest work-out).
And today I decided to do legs for the first time in about two weeks.
5 sets of squats (two wide stance, 3 narrow) for 15, 12, 8, 8, 6 reps. Ooohhh that felt good
3 sets each of leg curls and extensions 15, 15, 11 reps. Mmmm, at this point I had to take a breather as I was ready to hurl (That's a good sign by the way).
A quick go on the adductor machine for 3x15 reps and then on to the romanian deadlifts.
2 sets of 15 and one set of 7 with 55kg and I was ready for the leg press.
At this point I realised that I should chill out and instead of leg presses did calf raises on the legpress machine. My legs were just shaking too darned much.

At the end I could just about make it to the sauna without collapsing although navigating the stairs wasn't as easy as normal. Mmmm, this is gonna hurt like a bitch over the next few days.
I'm now tempted to go back a bit later and have a proper back and shoulder workout.
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