November 28th, 2005


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Back from Sweden where much fun was had.

Agonoize played an amazingly stompy set which truly required great big boots of doom to stomp to properly.
They completely blew most of the other bands out of the water. Excellent crowd contact and the three guys on stage certainly had their act well put together.

Rotersand was the other excellent band of the night. Less stompy than I remember them from from last year but they were definitely one of the two higlights there.

I really must try to find some CDs with both of these bands.

All the other bands were quite frankly mediocre and Die Krupps seemed to have pulled a 'Metallica' and gone soft :(
Oh well, I still enjoyed seeing them live although I was perhaps a little disappointed due to the lack of stompy German industrial...

An excellent weekend despite the hefty financial rogering spikey_bastard and I received on a regular basis.
I think Spikey has been sold on both the idea of foreign travel (Next project will be Berlin) and live music...

And now something I've been looking forwards to all weekend long: