December 19th, 2005

Ice Bear

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More Vikingy Video Goodness

Good gym session this morning.
Although I'm slightly unhappy about the volume at which music is played in my gym, it's made up for by the fact that they have so many machines and pieces of equipment which my old gym didn't have that I'm content.
They have a proper abs machine, hyper extension bench, squat rack, T-bar row and lying leg curl amongst other things.
Glorious. They also have several calf machines which is great as my old gym only had one and I couldn't put enough weight on it to be properly effective.

This weekend was spent RPG'ing which was great fun.
blakeshell was the MC as always while britalian, galadkria and myself did our best to vanquish evil.
Sadly himal couldn't make it, and there was only a brief appearance of iamscritch.
Oh well, fortunately we all leveled up and my sudden ability to make peoples heads explode went down rather well :)

We ate a lot of food, drank a bit of beer/vodka/red wine and in the end we stopped as britalian was practically dead and the next day he had to be reminded of the last 30 minutes or so...
No hang overs the next day, so the intrepid adventurers continued on andamusingly laid the smackdown on a petty noble much to our amusement.
It's a remarkably dysfunctional group with severe trust issues between the characters... Highly amusing during play though.
And there were almost no doors.