December 21st, 2005

Ice Bear

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I find it incredibly cool in some sort of geeky way that we have a user called Yuri Gagarin :)
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So far confirmed for Wacken:

¦ Die Apokalyptischen Reiter ¦ Celtic Frost ¦ Children of Bodom ¦ Emperor ¦ Finntroll ¦ In Extremo ¦ Nevermore ¦ Soilwork ¦ Subway to Sally ¦

So far confirmed for M'era Luna:

¦ Nitzer Ebb ¦ In Extremo ¦ Asp ¦ The Birthday Massacre ¦ Funker Vogt ¦

Hmmm, Wacken is looking really good so far, but I'm gonna wait and see about M'era Luna...