January 9th, 2006

Cow & Dolphin, Dolphin & Cow

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206 days to go...

On one hand, merging distribution lists by hand is oring as all hell.
On the other hand, getting a new PC is pretty damn cool :)
If works as expected, then I would appear to have a new main workstation :)

The first day of viking training rocked. I have some great new bruises :D

We did axe training which was really good fun, and as the trainer said, some people have the attitude to be a great axemurdererfighter and some don't. As we were then doing a continuous circle (Everyone fighting and swapping partners when a fight ends) I saw that the German girl who fights with us certainly have that. I was put on the back foot by her ferocity. And she's a head and a half shorter than me. Nearly.
Scary, but at the same time quite fun.
Dane axe training should continue next week, which I'm looking forwards to.
I also took a few more recordings which I will upload later.

Drink in The Dev afterwards with londonjon, flavius_m and cyberglamour was a most excellent end to the day.
And when I went to ask if I could grab a chair from someone, who did I see but not recognise... valkyriekaren
It's funny how you sometimes don't recognise someone just because they have hairfalls in.
She joined us and we soon started talking food...
Mmmmm, food...

I'm hungry now.
But I'm a lucky man, super_boobies will be making food for me tonight and if it's just an iota as good as the last time she made proper food for me I'll be in for a treat...