January 10th, 2006


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205 days to go...

It's fun when you try to move mailboxes from one server to another and it fails.
It's even better when it isn't yourself who did it :]

I would also appear to have a new PC. Now I should be able to play WoW properly :]

super_boobies's food was as good as expected. Prawn linguini with spinach, garlic and chili. Very tasty.
We also half-saw a program called Root of all Evil which was about how bad religion is. I largely agree with basic idea as I too see religion in general as something of a hemshoe. I want my jet pack, I want my hover car, I want that summerhome on Mars dammit. Sadly the guy who was presenting it was exactly the kind of rabid-foam-at-the-mouth scientist who gives scientists a bad name.
I think I have a new favourite quote:
Good men do good deeds, Evil men do evil deeds, but for good men to do evil you need religion. Too true...

And for those who think religion is good for us, please take the time to read this piece and then read the study it's based on.

Oh, damn, back to work...