February 2nd, 2006


More Gigs...

Who wants to come with me and see the following:

03/03 - The Fun Loving Criminals @ Shepherds Bush Empire - £22.30

05/03 - Lacuna Coil @ Forum - £19.75

24/03 - Henry Rollins '25 Years of Bullshit' Spoken World Tour @ Hammersmith Apollo - £19.75

I would really like to go and see Saxon and Beatallica in april, but I need to check that the dates don't clash with themadcatlady's birthday celebrations...
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182 days to go...

Ooops, I just bought tickets to see:
Turisas @ The Underworld
Lacuna Coil @ The Forum

My NY resolution to go to more gigs this year is certainly going well so far...

My Schedule has been updated accordingly.
If you're doing something which should be on there, please let me know as I hate double booking myself...
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