February 23rd, 2006

IceBear Hugz

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The story begins at the North Pole, where young bear Lars spends his days playing with his friends, until he discovers Caruso the homesick penguin has been trapped on a train by an unpleasant trio of bullying older polar bears. Lars and his seal friend Robby try to rescue Caruso but get trapped themselves, and the trio are swept away on an unexpected journey south.

No need to look any further, I think I know which movie I'm looking forwards to the most this year :)
I mean, with a synopsis like that, how can it be anything but good...
Geek Devil

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Yesterday I completely failed to kill or maim neefsck or myself as I drove allezbleu's car across London to where she works. This was despite my best attempts as I'm sure he'll attest to. At least he started breathing normally again once I parked...
Not that I'm a bad driver, just an exciting driver. I'm sure themadcatlady and lee_c_rip will agree...

Got an extra motherboard for my new server in case the current one turns out to be duff. And if it isn't I'll have the motherboard for a second server.
haloj, I suspect the CPU's you have will fit this one if I remember the product numbers correctly...

I currently have four fully working PCs, one that needs to be put together but should work and one that may or may not be working. This leads to a lot of cabling, so once I start getting my payrise, I think I'll go as wireless as humanly possible.

My plan at the moment is as follows:
Get a wireless ADSL router.
Put a couple of hyyooooooge harddrives in the server, put it in the attic and never turn it off. I will have to come up with a cool name for it.
One of my smaller machines [Beast] will continue to be my main workstation.
[Odeon] will continue to be used for watching movies/TV series on, but they'll be stored on the main server.
[Slaanesh] will still be used primarily for WoW as it's my most powerful pc :]
This leaves me with two, possibly three, spare PCs which I will set up on a seperate subnet and use for testing software that I download and for my MCSE training.

I also need to find out from elfenkinds other half whether I got one of his companys old PCs coming my way...
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