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This is the day, This is the hour, This is my lunch
So, who's coming to Ben Crouches Tavern tomorrow?

So far it looks like it'll be spikey_bastard, cyberglamour, haloj and myself. Possibly also super_boobies and with some luck camillat(?)...
ETA seems to be around 18:30-19:00...

And by the way, I just haven't had time to post much recently. I try to read all your El Jays but it's proving to be difficult due to workload.
And I'm not going to think about the 300 or so e-mails I still have to respond to at home.

I also need to find time to watch Atlantis Season 1 disc 3 and West Wing season 1 disc 3 and 4 at some point...

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